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Andrew has been writing and performing shows in Schools and Libraries since 2015. After receiving his double bachelor's degree in theater and communications, and attending the professional training program at Circus Maine and Sellam Circus School, Andrew began performing his one-man circus show. ‘The Silver Circus’ showcases Andrew’s extensive performance skills in comedy, juggling, magic, clown, and mime. He uses these skills to create an engaging story that sparks the imagination of K-12 students. Through his storytelling, he invites the audience to think about what mental and physical habits lead to success and how to deal with failures and challenges in a healthy and positive way. Using the creative process as a tool for communications, ‘The Silver Circus’ meets numerous education learning standards and is an ideal artistic event at any school and library.

The Silver Circus 

How do you do something as big as a circus when you’re only one person? In The Silver Circus, Andrew explores the concept of perseverance as he is faced with the daunting task of presenting a full circus show all by himself. His failures, struggles, and eventual successes are relatable to all who face difficulties and adversities in their life. The show touches on many important themes including, self confidence, overcoming obstacles, control, and dealing with failure. By exploring the different elements of the creative process and pushing through his failures, Andrew realizes that he is capable of anything, including putting on one spectacular show! The goal is to present this show in schools and be able to start a non-verbal dialogue with children about how to deal with difficulties they may face in their life.


Andrew offers workshops and residencies in schools and libraries which welcome children to engage with the material they saw during the stage show. Andrew offers workshops in Clown, Mime, Juggling, and Magic. These workshops provide students with valuable tools for communicating in any situation including social conversations and public speaking. These workshops also boost self esteem, self confidence, and encourage healthy living habits. 

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