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Years of practice, coupled with his uncanny dexterity, have cemented Andrew Silver’s reputation as one of Maine’s leading magicians and jugglers. In addition, his versatility and keen sense of timing as a comedian are making him a legend as a professional variety artist.



Andrew’s magic delves deeper than the typical magician’s bag of tricks you often see. His slight of hand and close-up magic, combined with mentalism, physically and psychologically transform his magic into an attention-grabbing experience. The anomaly that convinces audiences they’re seeing things that are aren’t actually true increases the intensity of Andrew’s magic and creates an invisible bond with his audience, tingling their senses and inciting their imagination.


Juggling is not magic—there are no tricks, or slight of hand. Juggling takes intense concentration and years of practice to master, not to mention immeasurable eye/hand coordination.

Watching Andrew’s incredible juggling performance instills in children and adults alike the feeling they’re standing on a precipice, holding their breath in anticipation of the finale when it’s once again okay to breathe.

Along with juggling, the mastery of balancing requires endless hours of practice. Thrill to the sight of Andrew balancing a 30’ pole on the tip of his nose; Watch in awe as an 8’ ladder teeters on the edge of his chin; Delight in the dexterity and comedic performance as Andrew unicycles, while at the same time, juggling and balancing a variety of objects to create a medley of nimbleness unparalleled by any performer in all of Maine.

Physical comedy is the current that electrifies all forms of Andrew’s entire routine. It’s the umbrella that hangs over every performance. It’s the medium whereby Andrew is able to best deliver his message, which is: Magic, Mentalism, Juggling, Balancing Acts are Universal. They transcend race, religion, and nationalities. They raise the level of Andrew’s entertainment to an art form that everyone can appreciate and love.

Andrew is an experienced instructor of performance art. He is available to teach:
•    Group Lessons
•    Workshops
•    Private Lessons

Here are some of the classes now offered:
•    Clown Classes
•    Mime
•    Magic Classes
•    Juggling/Balancing
•    Physical Comedy

Andrew Silver, professional entertainment variety artist extraordinaire! The next time you’re looking for an exceptional entertainment experience, or if you’re interested in learning performance arts from the ground up, think SILVER—ANDREW SILVER—your number-one choice for high-quality family fun.  Learn more on our Facebook page!

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