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Andrew offers workshops and residencies in schools and libraries which welcome children to engage with the material they saw during the stage show. Andrew offers workshops in Clown, Juggling, Improv and Magic. These workshops provide students with valuable tools for communicating in any situation including social conversations and public speaking. Workshops are a great way to promote inclusivity by creating a safe space to learn and grow together while also developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spacial awareness.


Magic workshop

In this workshop, Andrew explores the subtle art of magic by teaching the basics of sleight of hand, mentalism, misdirection, and of course, presentation. Students will get hands-on experience by practicing magic techniques with cards, coins, rubber bands, and many other common household items. By the end of the workshop they will have an understanding of how to make an object disappear and reappear before your eyes, predict what choices you will make, and even be able to read your mind! Students will also get experience performing these techniques for each other and will be given the tools to continue their education after the workshops is done. 


Clowning workshop

The clown is the master of all circus skills. They are they social commentators, the open-minded performers, and the embodiment of innocence and mischief. In this workshop, students will practice the art of clowning and develop their body awareness. They will practice using their physicality to communicate and tell stories. We will spend time finding new ways to move our bodies and build our physical vocabulary.  Throughout the workshop students with take part in exercises that help develop balancing, comedic timing, communication skills, improvisational skills, and more. There is also the option of including other circus arts into this workshop including juggling, prop balancing, magic and more. All are good tools for the clown. 


Juggling/prop Manipulation workshop

Juggling is great skill and pastime. It sharpens the mind and is a great way to stay in shape. It also promotes good hand-eye coordination. Students will learn the basics of 3-ball juggling, balancing objects, and group juggling. Andrew can also incorporate an arts-and-crafts activity where the students can build their own juggling balls and take them home to practice. 


Improv Workshop

Improv has long been considered one of the essential elements of many an actor's toolkit. In this workshop students will learn many of the fundamentals of improv theater. They will learn to listen, build on each other’s ideas, and contribute in a group. They will grow their imagination and creativity, and have a blast doing it. Throughout the workshop we will be taking part in many improv games, which will allow the students to hone and develop their performance skills while engaging in fun team building exercises. 

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